Public Ownership and Worker Control

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm stated in her 2006 State of the State address that “Michigan workers make the best products in the world.” Although particularly in light of the context, Granholm’s statement was a pun at best, it is this very notion of workers as products that characterizes the basis of the capitalist economic system and subsequently the thinking of our ruling class’ representatives in government. Although workers are no longer considered property as in the days of chattel slavery, the modern working class remains confined to wage slavery in which we are forced into a commodity status as we sell our labor power to capitalists in exchange for wages that represent only a portion of what we produce and provide. Working people built this country and this state, and the value of all goods and services remains determined by our labor. There is no moral or rational basis for workers to continue to be confined to the current system of exploitation in which the all human needs are subordinated to private profits.

Beyond its rational and ethical repugnancy, the capitalist system is inherently unsustainable as a result of the ongoing economic crises that are endemic to it. As workers are increasingly unable to buy back all that they produce, profit rates fall from the replacement of workers with machines, and capital becomes increasingly concentrated in the hand of an ever-smaller few, the capitalist class must constantly cut wages, maximize working hours, and turn toward extra-market measures such as privatization, imperialist war, and corporate welfare in order to continue to maximize profits and maintain its system of rule. It is our outdated capitalist system that maintains nearly all of the escalating social, political, and economic disasters that we face today. The historical duty of the modern working class is do away with this system once and for all and to usher in a new society with full employment, the universal satisfaction of human needs, and an end to all forms of exploitation, with democracy as a part of daily life.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the immediate placement of all major industries within Michigan under public ownership and worker control. I further call for working toward the establishment of a democratic socialist, classless society in Michigan and throughout the world.

Jobs, Unions, and Earnings

While Michigan workers face the ongoing threat of lost jobs due to outsourcing and the highest unemployment rate in the nation, our so called representatives in Michigan government have failed to take any action, other than granting these corporations public handouts, to force them to stay in Michigan. At the same time Michigan workers are consistently forced to settle for wages that don’t meet even the basic standards of living. Michigan's recent minimum wage increase of $1.80 will not come close to rectifying the problem and will do nothing to decrease rampant social inequality . Furthermore union membership is at an all time low, union-busting has remained a standard practice and unions are increasingly losing strength as government officials fail to take any substantive stand to protect workers' right to organize.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • A state minimum wage of $15 an hour and a maximum wage of no more than ten times the minimum
  • A thirty hour work week at no loss of pay or benefits
  • A minimum six weeks paid vacation annually for all Michigan workers
  • A 100% capital flight tax on all corporations operating within Michigan that attempt to leave the state
  • The right of public sector workers to strike and automatic union recognition based on card check
  • The right of workers to organize workplace committees and assemblies, to hold shop meetings on company premises, elect their supervisors, and administer health and safety programs
  • Support for militant, united labor action including hot cargo agreements, factory committees, secondary and sympathy strikes, sit-down stikes, general stikres, and ultimately the expropriation of workplaces
  • The same benefits for part-time workers as for full-time workers
  • Expanded unemployment compensation at 100% of a worker's previous income or the minimum wage, whichever is higher, for the full period of unemployment or retraining, whichever is longer.
  • A massive state public works program to rebuild our cities and communities administered and controlled by elected assemblies of working people.
  • The abolition of all ATM, check cashing and bank fees.

Budget and Taxes

Michigan’s plunging budget shortfalls are a result of billions of dollars in corporate welfare combined with an unjust tax system and federal revenues dedicated to imperialist war that could otherwise be spent on programs to help the people of Michigan and other states. In addition to the wage system robbing workers of the value of their labor, our state’s tax laws overwhelmingly place the tax burden on the backs of working people and the poor. Michigan is one of only six states nationwide that has a flat-rate income tax. A report from the Washington-based Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy placed Michigan on its “terrible ten list” which consists of the ten states with the most regressive tax policies. According to the report, the average overall tax rate for Michigan's middle-income families, who earned between $29,000 and $48,000 in 2002, was 11.1 percent compared to the 6.7 percent rate for its wealthiest citizens earning $278,000 or more. The poorest Michigan families, those earning less than $16,000, paid 13.3 percent of their incomes in taxes in 2002.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • Amending Michigan’s Constitution to replace the state’s flat-rate income tax with a steeply graduated income tax with people making less than 80 percent of the average wage of a skilled worker paying no income taxes.
  • Eliminating the State of Michigan’s sales tax as well as all “sin taxes”  which force the poor to pay a higher percentage of their income than the rich
  • An end to the billions of dollars in corporate welfare handed out annually by the State of Michigan with the money redirected to jobs, education, and social services
  • Increased funding for all state-subsidized social services that benefit the working class and poor
  • Debt “owed” to the big banks by levels of government be either canceled outright or drastically reduced at far lower interest rates. It is time for debt enslavement to be ended as an excuse for cutting domestic spending on social needs.

Health Care and Prescription Drugs

I believe it is a crime that 12% of Michigan residents have no health care coverage while an even greater percentage has limited coverage that is inadequate for meeting their basic medical needs. Health care is not a privilege for those who can afford it; it is a fundamental human right that any humane society has a duty to provide. In addition to lack of health care coverage, many Michigan residents are consistently forced to cross the border to Canada to get the prescription drugs they need due to skyrocketing drug prices here at home.   

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • A universal health care program for all Michigan residents with full standard and alternative medical, dental, vision, and mental health coverage for all, publicly funded through progressive taxation and controlled by democratically elected assemblies of health care workers and patients.
  • Price controls on all prescription drugs in the State of Michigan to ensure that they can easily be afforded by those who need them
  • Restore the right of Michigan residents to sue drug companies

Housing and Communities

Decent and affordable housing is a pivotal issue for millions of Michigan residents. This is particularly true in the 53rd district where student housing rates continue to soar and low-cost housing is increasingly unavailable. At the same time nearly two percent of homes are at risk of foreclosure - with Michigan leading the nation in both highest unemployment and largest number of subprime loans. Instead using her constitutional authority to declare a moratorium on foreclosures or fighting for increased affordable housing for the poor, the working class, and students, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s “Cool Cities” initiative will only exacerbate the problem. As one slogan said in protest of the initiative: “Cool Cities is gentrification. One word, not two.” If elected, I will oppose all forms of gentrification and corporatization of Michigan’s communities. I will fight to ensure that homes are secure and that all cities are affordable living places for the working people who built them.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • An immediate moratorium on all home foreclosures in the State of Michigan
  • Creation of a neighborhood reconstruction program, to build quality, community-based housing, controlled and administered by democratically elected assemblies of construction workers and future residents.
  • Confiscation without compensation of rented houses and apartment complexes from landlords refusing to keep them up to code.
  • Rent control for all existing rental units, and the right of tenants to organize into unions and conduct rent strikes and strikes over conditions.
  • Support for the formation of housing cooperatives and nonprofit land trusts.
  • Creation of a housing rehabilitation service, democratically controlled by construction workers and residents, to aid homeowners and renters in renovations and maintenance, and seasonal weatherizing
  • Tax benefits for renters equal to those for home-owners
  • Abolition of the right of the state government to stage “takeovers” of community institutions: courts; school districts; power and water facilities; public transportation; etc.
  • Establishment of community control of municipal services, based on elected assemblies of those employees working the facilities and liaison bodies from the community.


The state of our public transportation systems in Michigan is abysmal. Fast and reliable transportation options such as high-speed railways are essential not only for Michigan residents who don’t drive or own an automobile but also because they preserve energy, help limit pollution, and provide a safe alternative to driving in situations when people shouldn’t be on the road such as when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • Creation of fully funded high-speed rail transportation systems between the major cities in Michigan, with fares set low enough to be a viable alternative to the use of the automobile.
  • State-subsidized programs to expand foot and bicycle paths. Creation of pedestrian ways that exclude vehicles from downtown areas of cities and towns, accessible only by mass transit.
  • Creation of an elevated train/subway system in Detroit as a part of the D-DOT system, and commuter lines from Detroit to suburban communities as a part of the SMART system.
  • Subsidies for mass transit so that fares do not exceed 50¢ and monthly passes do not exceed $5.
  • Establishment of a democratically controlled Highway Redevelopment Commission to explore ways to transform the state’s roadway infrastructure into a non-invasive, environmentally friendly system.
  • Replacement of all diesel-powered buses by electric- and CNG-powered coaches
  • Establishment of state-owned auto insurance, with rates on a sliding scale based on income, administered by an elected state Insurance Commission


Michigan schools at all levels are faced with severe budget shortfalls. Schools are lacking the supplies they need, prospects for privatization are rearing, teacher layoffs have risen to epidemic levels and school districts face enormous disparities in state funding levels on the basis of the race and class composition of their students. Many schools today resemble prisons far more than institutions of learning and function primarily to both indoctrinate young people into accepting their class position and to keep them off the streets for a set amount of time each day. At the same time, many Michigan residents have no opportunity to receive a post-secondary education due to its exceedingly high costs throughout the state. I believe that a high quality free education is a basic human right and should be extended to all citizens from cradle to grave. As a Socialist, I further believe that the structure of our schools should be based on community control with curriculum input from students, parents and community residents.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • Free, quality and universal public education, from pre-kindergarten through post-graduate studies with the abolition of tuition and fees at all public universities
  • Recognition of full unionization rights for professional lecturers and graduate teaching assistants.
  • An end to unequal funding between Michigan school districts.
  • Opposition to school vouchers or any measure that allows public funds to be spent on private schools
  • Funding for massive teacher recruitment and retention program, administered by the teachers’ unions.
  • Broadband Internet access in all schools, libraries and other educational facilities, free and accessible to all students, parents and members of the community
  • Multicultural, class-conscious curriculum that allows for alternative methods of learning and development
  • Non-moralistic sex and health education beginning in the fourth grade
  • Removal of all corporate advertising and presence in public schools
  • Mandatory updating of all school textbooks and other learning-related materials every three years
  • Expansion of adult and lifelong education programs, including academic and vocational courses
  • Student, teacher, parent, and faculty representation on all school boards
  • An end to military research at public universities and military recruitment at schools and the abolition of all ROTC and JROTC programs


Michigan family farmers and agricultural workers are among the most affected by the growth of corporate factory farms which not only hurt small farmers by forcing them to compete with exploitative conglomerates, but are also destroying the environments of small farming communities. At the same time, many small Michigan farmers suffer the constant burden of bank debt and the threat of foreclosure. If  elected to the Michigan House, I will fight the factory farms and banks that are destroying small and family farming. I believe that agriculture, like all other industries, functions best under cooperative worker control.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • Formation of cooperatives to represent small and family farmers in negotiating contracts with canneries and grocery/produce distributors
  • Technological and resource incentives to small and family farmers that agree to form a cooperative.
  • The right of farm workers to organize into unions to gain better wages and benefits, quality housing and working conditions, and for negotiating contracts
  • Placement of corporate-run “factory farms” into public ownership, administered by democratically elected farm workers’ assemblies
  • Support for a parity system that guarantees farmers a full return on the cost of production
  • Repudiation of all current farm debts. Creation of grants, no-interest loans, micro credits and technical help to farmers, including help to shift farm production from non-essentials to staple foods and fibers
  • Family farmers whose land was taken in foreclosures should be given their land and equipment back, or be given comparable land and equipment somewhere else if they wish it. They should also have the option of monetary compensation for their loss instead
  • The right of farmers and farm workers to organize unions for good wages, housing, and working conditions (including the right to be protected from pesticides)
  • Labeling of genetically modified foods
  • Full disclosure in the labeling on agricultural products, including listing the country of origin

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Since 2001 there has been an outright assault on our most fundamental civil liberties. From Iraq to Guantanamo Bay to jails here in Michigan, our government is locking up individuals from around the world without any charges or due process. Laws such as the USA PATRIOT Act have obliterated our right to privacy, and our government is actively monitoring and infiltrating political activist groups, leading to a repeat of the days of COINTELPRO. These policies are not flawed, but well-intentioned attempts to protect our security. They represent a deliberate process of testing the waters by the U.S. capitalist government which directly parallels imperialist ambitions and the economic crises faced by the capitalist system.

In addition to the crackdown on our civil liberties, the systems of racism, sexism, and heterosexism remain a constant part of daily life as they our nourished by inequality fundamental to the capitalist system and institutionally perpetuated to divide the working class. As with class, the end of all forms of exploitation, discrimination, and privilege on the basis of race, sex, or sexual orientation/identity are integral to the building of an egalitarian, democratic, and socialist society.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • A resolution preventing any agency in the state from enforcing or complying with the USA PATRIOT Act
  • A ban on the use of Michigan jails or prisons for immigration detentions
  • Separation of church and state, and separation of church and school. Full freedom for religious and atheist beliefs
  • An end to all forms of censorship both legislative and institutional

People of Color

  • Vigorous affirmative action programs in both the public and private sector
  • Full representation for Native American communities and nations in the state as autonomous entities.
  • Opposition to attempts to adopt an official language for Michigan
  • Passage of legislation making racial profiling a crime severely punishable by law.
  • The rights of immigrants to housing, education, health care, jobs, and civil, legal, and
  • political rights

  • Reparations from the State of Michigan for its role in the slave trade


  • The right to free abortion on demand as part of a universal healthcare system as well as the repeal of Michigan’s parental notification law. Clinics providing abortion services must have full protection of the law
  • Vigorous enforcement of pay equity for women
  • Sixteen months paid leave to be shared by new parents or in its entirety by a single
  • parent, and the expansion and full-funding of high-quality child care facilities.

  • Coordinated programs to provide shelter for women and children, and vigorously protect women from their abusers
  • Decriminalization of prostitution, to remove it from criminal control. Prostitutes to be provided with special health care and other services to reduce the dangers they confront.
  • Support for comprehensive educational and training opportunities, comparable worth laws, and affirmative action for women

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer People

  • Amend Michigan’s Constitution to legalize same-sex marriage
  • Require schools to adopt policies and procedures to address and prevent student violence and to ban discrimination against GLBTQ people throughout the educational system
  • A state ban on all forms of job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity

People with Disabilities

  • Full enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act so that all public and private buildings, facilities, and modes of transportation are accessible to disabled people and every effort is made to employ persons with disabilities.
  • Establishment of a state network of support for people with physical, mental and developmental disabilities, including home assistance, recreation centers, guaranteed income, voting access and quality control in residential facilities

Elderly People

  • Increase in home service and hospice care for older people so that they can remain independent in the community.
  • Formation of publicly funded and democratically controlled senior centers to provide positive opportunities for community involvement
  • Election of advocates and ombudsmen by assemblies of seniors and caregivers to ensure the protection of residents’ rights in nursing homes and a stimulating environment in group and nursing home situations
  • A person's right to die with dignity in a manner of their choosing

Young People

  • Opposition to measures that increase responsibilities and penalties on youth ostensibly to curb crime
  •  Adoption and foster care reform, including child protections from abuse and abandonment
  • The right of young people to a job, proper training and/or full benefits after finishing their education
  • An end age-based curfew laws
  • Lower the voting age for state elections to 15

Legal Justice

The injustices of the capitalist system are manifested throughout the U.S. criminal justice system. Currently, the State of Michigan is among only four states in the U.S. that spends more on prisons than it does on education. Rather than addressing the economic inequality that leads to crime, the criminal justice system in Michigan and throughout the U.S. orients toward the maximization of legal penalties that particularly target the minorities, the poor, and the working class while turning a blind eye to corporate crime. Non-violent offenders make up the majority of prisoners and the prison-industrial complex has led the U.S. to have the highest incarceration rate in the world.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

  • Free, quality legal and court services with skilled and experienced attorneys of choice.
  • The establishment of completely independent and democratically elected police control and oversight councils, with full power to fire police and to arrest, detain, and indict police officers who brutalize or abuse people or who commit any violation of laws or civil rights and liberties.
  • The ultimate replacement of the police with workers’ and people’s militias and councils, based in and made up of community residents and hired professionals who live in and serve the community, under the control of the community.
  • Expansion of community release programs and other alternatives to prisons, and a moratorium on new prison construction
  • Immediate closure of all “Supermax” prisons. Abolition of “prisons for profit”
  • Abolition of prison labor for profit, forced labor (“chain gangs”) and the use of prison labor to perform state services
  • The right of prisoners to organize unions and cooperative societies to negotiate for better living conditions
  • Abolition of the inhumane practice of cavity searches and the adoption of a zero tolerance policy towards sexual assault within prisons
  • Establishment of academic programs and schools to aid prisoners with literacy, attaining higher education and understanding the law and society
  • Support services for prisoners and their families to reduce ostracism, maintain family ties, and provide for non-degrading visitation policies
  • Abolition of multi-prisoner cells
  • An end to trying and sentencing juvenile offenders as adults
  • Recognition of the right of working-class and oppressed communities and communities of color to defend themselves by any means necessary against reactionary violence, police harassment and brutality
  • Community response services for crime victims

  • Decriminalization of victimless crimes, including drug possession and substance abuse, and legalization of marijuana and hemp
  • The redirection of state funds spent on the "war on drugs" to comprehensive community-based rehabilitation programs
  • A sliding scale of fines based on income


From the Ice Mountain bottling plants stealing Michigan’s water to the growing danger of global warming, environmental despoliation is among the greatest problems we face as citizens of Michigan and the world. Current findings show that as a result of global warming, global mean temperatures will increase 2.6- to 5.8 degrees in the next century and the sea levels will rise up to one meter. In the final analysis, capitalism and environmental sustainability are incompatible because environmental protection, like all other needs, is subordinated within our system to the interests of private profit. A real solution to our environmental crisis will ultimately require the replacement of the profit system by making industries accountable to the people through public ownership and democratic economic planning.

Energy conservation is an equally imperative issue. Many researchers argue that peak oil production was already reached in 2005. We are quickly moving toward the increased scarcity and ultimate exhaustion of fossil fuels. A viable long-term solution to this problem will require public ownership and democratic control of the energy industry in Michigan and throughout the world rather than leaving it in the private domain of profit-driven tycoons.

As a candidate for State Representative I call for the following:

Natural Resources
  • Public ownership and democratic control of all our natural resources in order to conserve resources, preserve our wilderness areas, and restore environmental quality.
  • Placement of all financial responsibility for cleaning up toxic wastes on the corporations which are responsible for them.
  • Requirements for manufacturers to contribute to research and development of new technologies for cleaning up and preventing future toxic wastes.
  • Banning of the placement of local municipal landfills, toxic waste disposal sites or incinerators in working-class communities and communities of color.
  • Legal action against any Michigan private corporation that violates environmental laws in the operation of facilities overseas
  • No clear-cutting in commercial forestry. Banning of commercial cutting in old-growth forests
  • An environmentally sound timber policy that takes into account the historical ecology of the region
  • Endangered species protection that focuses on habitat-centered protection for plants and animals

  • Massive cleanup of all Michigan lakes and waterways
  • Ban on all oil and natural gas exploration and pumping in the Great Lakes
  • Strict adherence to the federal Clean Water Act
  • Strict controls on runoff and effluent by industry and agriculture
  • Programs to reduce and eliminate mercury contamination in water
  • Statewide program to clean up and restore our state’s beaches and shorelines
  • Ban on the use of water from the Great Lakes for bottling and sale for profit

  Air Pollution

  • “Polluter pay” laws to stop corporations from exceeding pollution levels
  • Mandatory MDEQ monitoring of air pollution levels in urban areas
  • Statewide moratorium on all logging and other programs that cause deforestation
  • Legislation to preserve old growth forests and create new forest areas


  • Alternative energy systems that are not harmful to the environment or living things
  • Public ownership and control of energy plants, organized in a production-for-use system, and administered by elected workplace and community assemblies, assuring the most careful use of natural resources
  • Establishment of wind, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric power plants to end Michigan’s dependence on fossil fuels
  • Immediate closure and decommissioning of all nuclear power plants, and an indefinite moratorium on all nuclear plant construction.
  • Mandatory vitrification of all spent nuclear fuel, control rods and other waste
  • Ban on all imports of nuclear materials into Michigan, whether they are vitrified or not
  • Sliding scale of utility rates which favor low-income people and ensure that everyone has access to utility services

Consumption Waste

  • Ban on all imports of consumption waste into Michigan
  • Moratorium on the construction of new waste dumps and landfills
  • Retrofitting of all current dumps and landfills with technology that aids in breaking down waste
  • Increasing conservation efforts by individuals, businesses and communities
  • Expansion of weekly curbside recycling programs
  • Expansion of the “Bottle Bill” to include all glass, plastic, metal and coated paper containers
  • Democratically-elected, community-based environmental oversight committees

Urban Sprawl

  • Immediate moratorium on all new construction and an injunction on all current construction contributing to urban sprawl
  • Credits and incentives to individuals and construction teams to build new dwellings and facilities in urban areas

Respecting all Living Things

  • Free spaying and neutering of domesticated animals and pets to prevent overpopulation
  • Mandated humane treatment of all animals employed to entertain humans
  • Abolition of the fur trade in Michigan
  • Banning of animal experimentation for product development, and support for products that are not tested on animals
  • Opposition to the practices of overcrowding, drugging, and otherwise cruelly treating animals on large and factory farms
  • Creation of and support for programs aimed at preserving wildlife preserves and natural wetlands.
  • Expansion of federal and state wildlife areas, under democratic control of elected MDNR representatives


The United States like all other capitalist republics is not a true democracy. Capitalism and democracy are fundamentally incompatible because the ruling class can always use its economic clout to control the state as its own instrument. True political democracy requires economic democracy which can only be truly realized through working people’s establishment of a classless society. 

Even many of the democratic norms of other capitalist republics are absent in the United States. Not only does our “winner-take-all” system hinder the electoral chances of third party candidates, but ballot-access laws designed by the Democrats and Republicans in Michigan and most other states prevent most third parties from even getting the chance to appear on the ballot. Additionally, third parties face an outright media blackout in the United States since the major media is controlled by the same corporations that control our major parties. Even our right to have our votes count has been stripped away as the Bush Regime succeeded in stealing a second election in 2004 without any serious contention from the Democratic Party which is beholden to the same capitalist base.

As a candidate for State Representative, I call for the following:

Election Reform

  • Abolition of restrictive rules for obtaining and retaining ballot status as a political party
  • Automatic granting of “Political Party” status for any organization that holds a State Convention and elects a State Central Committee
  • Abolition of the two-tier system that favors the Republicans and Democrats by abolishing signature-gathering requirements.
  • Abolition of the partisan Board of Elections and Board of Canvassers, and its replacement with a non-partisan State Electoral Council
  • Repeal of all state laws restricting participation by labor unions in the political process
  • Equal public financing of all registered candidates and abolition of the use of personal funds in elections
  • Mandatory, verifiable paper trail of all votes to allow for recounts and verification
  • Automatic voter registration upon reaching voting age
  • Implementation of Instant Runoff Voting in all state, county and municipal elections. Implementation of proportional representation in all legislative bodies
  • Extension of the right of Michigan citizens incarcerated in jails and prisons within the state to vote
  • Higher donation limits for minor parties
  • Election Day as a state holiday

The People’s Airwaves

  • Abolition of privately funded campaign commercials replaced by state-mandated blocs of time for each candidate and recognized state political party
  • Reinstitution of the “fairness doctrine” in all media, with automatic recognition of equal time for all candidates.
  • Supervision and oversight of media reporting by democratically elected boards of review attached to each local and regional media outlets
  • Expansion of public access media, including print and radio, to allow for more diverse voices to be heard
  • Sliding scale of fees for obtaining broadcast licenses, based on income and audience served
  • Free Internet access for all, including the distribution of computers to individuals and families in need of them

Imperialism and War

From the covert overthrow of numerous democratically elected governments to the full scale invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S. foreign policy is the world’s greatest threat to peace and democracy and the world’s number one source of terrorism. U.S. imperialism is further 

exercised through agreements and organizations such as NAFTA, CAFTA, the IMF/World Bank, and the World Trade Organization which force the direct abdication of governmental power to transnational corporations. Today we are entering a new stage of U.S. imperialism based on calculated wars of aggression to achieve U.S. world domination and the complete repudiation of international law. A halt to U.S. imperialism will require the expansion of independent and international movements of working people. Imperialism by its very nature is an inherent stage of capitalism and ultimately can only be eradicated through the transformation from capitalism to democratic socialism.

As a State Representative, I will introduce State House resolutions memorializing the U.S. Congress to establish the following:

  • Immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. occupation forces from Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Criminal prosecution before international tribunals of government officials responsible for orchestrating the war of aggression in Iraq and torture policies for crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.
  • Immediate repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act, Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, Homeland Security Act, and Military Commissions Act
  • Immediate reduction of the federal defense budget by 50 percent, with additional cuts to follow.
  • Immediate, unconditional return of all military and paramilitary personnel stationed outside of the U.S. and the closure of all over-seas military bases particularly the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • The right of soldiers to elect and recall officers and sergeants at all levels and to form soldiers councils and assemblies to represent their views and interests.
  • Abolition of the FBI, CIA, NSA and all other institutions of covert warfare and domestic spying
  • Immediate repeal of U.S. participation in NAFTA and CAFTA; rejection of the proposed FTAA; withdraw from the G-7 and G-8
  • Abolition of the World Trade Organization, World Bank and International Monetary Fund
  • Repudiation and cancellation of all international debt owed by or owed to the U.S
  • Immediate lifting of the embargo against Cuba and normalization of relations
  • Immediate end to U.S. interference and military intervention in Latin America; abolition of “Plan Colombia”
  • Abolition of military aid to Israel, Colombia, and all other states
  • The disbanding of NATO and all other aggressive military alliances
  • The U.S. pay off its debts to the United Nations, an end to veto power in the UN, and an end to permanent membership on the UN Security Council
  • A constitutional Amendment requiring a binding vote of the people on all issues of war or military intervention