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On November 4th 2008, twenty-two hundred Ann Arbor voters cast their ballots, not only to reject representation by the two corporate parties, but to join the rising demand for a democratic working people's alternative to the private corporate stranglehold of our state's political and economic system. Not only was our message in this year's election loud, but independently of Michigan's two-party system, it was the loudest! Thanks to your support, the sole Socialist State House candidate running in Michigan this year received the highest vote totals of any minor party candidate challenging the two corporate parties for a seat in Michigan's House of Representatives! So loud was our message, in fact, that the sole Socialist state legislative candidate in Michigan this year received the highest vote percentage of any minor party candidate challenging the two major parties for any state or federal-level office in the state!

While such remarkable electoral gains give us great reason to be optimistic about our potential in upcoming future elections, the most important finding that can be drawn from the results of this race is that, right here in Ann Arbor, we have a nascent political movement with extraordinary possibilities if mobilized into action! As this campaign wrote in its press release following its dual nomination by the Green Party, "unlike Warren and the rest of our Democratic opponents, our arena, in building an independent movement of the working and oppressed majority, is not limited to the Capitol Building, but rather extends to mass action in our workplaces and on the streets." Just imagine what could be accomplished if all twenty-two hundred Ann Arbor voters who voted for this campaign this year became actively involved in the movements surrounding the two grassroots parties it represented in the election!

If you're among the twenty-two hundred Ann Arbor voters who voted for Socialist/Green representation in the State Legislature this year, then I appeal to you to take the logical next step of: Joining the Socialist Party and the Green Party

Through the Socialist Party of Washtenaw County and the Huron Valley Greens, both the Socialist Party and Green Party have Ann Arbor area locals, both of which hold bi-weekly membership meetings open to the proposals, votes, and ideas of all local members. As national membership-based organizations, both the Socialist Party and Green Party also hold regular state membership meetings, provide numerous membership publications, and offer continuous opportunities to become involved within the parties at the national, state, and local levels.

In addition to members' discussion listserves, both the Socialist and Green parties in Michigan have announcement listserves open to both members and non-members alike:
Socialist Party of Michigan Public Announcement List: you can subscribe to the low-volume SPMI Public Announcement List by clicking here or by sending an email to:

Green Party of Michigan Email Newsletter: you can subscribe to the low-volume GPMI email newsletter by clicking here or by sending an email to:

Washtenaw Reds List: all socialists in Washtenaw County are welcome to join the  Washtenaw Reds discussion list for open discussion as well as planning for local socialist meetings, discussions, and events. If you'd like to join the Washtenaw Reds list, please email the Socialist Party of Washtenaw County.

With the highest level of gratitude for your support in the 2008 election, I appeal to you to join us in the struggle for another Michigan and a freer, more peaceful, equitable, democratic, and sustainable world!



Dear Constituents of Michigan’s 53rd State House District,


I’m running in 2008 as a Socialist Party/Green Party candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives to give our state’s working people a seat in the State Legislature. Since I last ran for State Representative in 2006, the problems we face from corporate rule of our state’s economy and government have only intensified. While our state’s job losses and home foreclosures are at record highs, attacks on wages and living standards are rising across all industries, social services continue to starve for funding, and quality health care has become increasingly inaccessible, neither the Democratic Party’s victories in the U.S. Congress nor our state’s House of Representatives have led to any meaningful progress in the extraordinary struggles we now collectively face. Concurrently, our state legislature has failed to formally voice any opposition whatsoever to the dire effects of imperialist war on workers here and overseas or the escalating attacks on our most fundamental civil liberties


Serving as no exception to this disastrous betrayal by our elected representatives has been our freshman Democratic State Representative Rebekah Warren, whose most significant accomplishment thus far has been the exponential increase in corporate campaign funding she’s received. Not only has Warren failed to introduce legislation on almost any of the marginally progressive demands she promised us, but has also voted to fully fund corporate welfare and the prison-industrial complex. With tens of thousands in contributions from the leading corporations in the banking, energy, automotive, insurance, timber, retail, and corporate lobbying industries, it comes as no surprise that her actions in the State Legislature have been narrowed to the interests of those who financed her way to the Capitol.

In 2006, our campaign made history. Our campaign was the first, outside of the Democratic and Republican parties, to qualify for the ballot for 53rd District State Representative since 1998 and the first to ever qualify for the general election ballot by petition for that office within the District's history. More historic, however, was the fact that eight-hundred and forty-seven Ann Arbor voters stood up to the corporate parties in the last election and cast their ballots for democratic socialist representation in the State Legislature.  More Michigan voters today, than at any time in recent history, are coming to realize that the most fundamental divide in present social and political life is between those who work for a living and those who own for a living. The consequences of such an obsolete system are not only ever-increasing social inequality and exploitation of our labor, but a society in which the vast majority of the power structure is never up for election, and what little democracy exists in the political system is absent in the economy and the workplace. With your support, votes, and contributions, we can build the movement to pull the roots that define the present path. Another Michigan is possible!



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THE SOCIALIST PARTY strives to establish a radical democracy that places peoples’ lives under their own control - a non racist, classless, feminist, non-heterosexist socialist society in which working people own and control the means of production and distribution, through democratically-controlled committees and assemblies; where full employment is realized for everyone who wants to work; where workers have the right to form unions freely, and to strike and engage in other forms of job actions; and where the production of society is used for the benefit of all humanity, not for the private profit of a few. We believe socialism and democracy are one and indivisible. The working class is in a key and central position to fight back against the ruling capitalist class and its power. The working class is the major force worldwide that can lead the way to a socialist future – to a real radical democracy from below.

The Socialist Party fights for progressive changes compatible with a socialist future. We support militant working class struggles and electoral action, independent of the capitalist-controlled two-party system, to present socialist alternatives. We strive for democratic social revolutions — radical and fundamental changes in the structure and nature of economic, political and social relations — to abolish the power now exercised by the few who control the economy and the government. The Socialist Party is a democratic, multi-tendency organization, with structure and practices visible and accessible to all members. Join Today!


GREEN PARTY: Ten Key Values:
1. Ecological Wisdom    2. Social Justice              3. Grassroots Democracy
4. Nonviolence                 5. Decentralization          6. Community-Based Economics      
7. Feminism                     8. Respect for Diversity  9. Personal and Global Responsibility
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